COOL*SAFE®  protects a wide variety of medicine

Many medicines which must be cold-chain protected have to be cooled. Many medicines should not be exposed to temperatures above 77 ° F/25° C! Temperatures in a car can easily be as high as 25 ° hotter than outsinde temperatures.
COOL*SAFE cool bags are the solution.


COOL*SAFE®  chic and trendy!

Carrinying your medicine no longer has to be inattractive. Carry your medications in a non-descripted and designer way. In addition noone will recognize that you are carrying medicine.
COOL*SAFE offers you a wide range suitable for everyone.


COOL*SAFE®  and you stay relaxed

You don’ t have to hurry home after buying your medicine in the pharmacy. With COOL*SAFE you will have extra time for other things. Carry with confidence on your outings, vacations and travel.
COOL*SAFE cooling duration provides you more flexibility.