COOL*SAFE ice pack set (6 ice packs)

PZN: 9080495  EAN: 4260136170039

The COOL*SAFE® ice packs make the COOL*SAFE® cool bag range complete. With these ice packs, specially designed for COOL*SAFE®, you are gaining an optimal cooling result. The COOL*SAFE® cool bags and the COOL*SAFE® medicine cooling backpack must only be cooled using these ice packs to ensure the cooling duration as mentioned above is achieved and so as to guarantee that the transported items do not become frozen. Thanks to their compact and user-friendly size the COOL*SAFE® ice packs fit in any freezer compartment.

Recommendation for every end customer/patient: Buy one or two additional ice pack sets to give yourself more mobility! This way you can always have one set in use while one or two other sets remain frozen and ready for use at any time.


  • TÜV-tested cooling duration when used in conjunction with the COOL*SAFE® cool bags or the COOL*SAFE® medicine cooling backpack
  • Convenient and light 
  • specially harmonized with COOL*SAFE® products 
  • Size/ice pack: 18,4 x 8,7 x 2,5 cm (L/W/H)
    Weight/unit: 0,145 kg
    Weight per set: 0,870 kg
    Size of packaging: 21 x 19,5 x 5 cm (L/W/H)
    Weight per set incl. packaging: 0,956 kg