Which is the right medical cool bag for me?

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  • if the cooling duration is enough for your purposes,
  • how you can prolong the cooling duration,
  • if your medicine packages fit into the cool bag  and
  • which medical cool bag fits best to you.

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For Individuals:

  • Cooling medicine safely is not a question of “1 size fits all”.
    There are 6 different types of cool bags for 8 different life circumstances and needs, as well as different package sizes of your medicine and a varying need for cooling duration.
  • Only keeping your medicine in the uniform temperature range of  +2° bis +8° C (35° to 46° F) ensures that your medication will be at maximum efficacy and durability. And that provides your health. When you protect your medicine, then you are protecting your health.
  • Improving your health with your medicine or just keeping it on the current level is VIRTUALLY IMPOSSIBLE if you are using an unsuitable cool bag for the cooling of your drug: When the molecular structure of the medicine is destroyed due to wrong cooling, the medicine cannot help you and your chances are good that your illness progresses.
For doctors, pharmasists, professional caregivers, pharmaceutical companies, CROs (Clinical Reseach Orgenizations) and health practitioniers:

  • You need a cool bag to carry vaccines, insulin, other cold chain requiring medicines or blood?
    Or you are renting or selling medical cool bags? Or you are a decider in a pharmaceutical company and you need tailor-made cool bags?  Or you need them for your studies on humans, to exclude side effects in your study results which occur due to wrong cooling?
  • Professionel needs are varying. It is all about the health of your patients! And besides that it is specifically about your personal liability, when you recommend or sell a medical cool bag or if you give them away as a gift.
  • After clicking on the right field above you will learn more about the right solution for you.
  • We adapt the bags to the needed volumes and cooling durations. And this already starting from a minimum quantity of 1 piece.
  • Only keeping the medicine or vaccine in the stabile temperature range of +2° to +8° C (35° to 46° F) avoids possible side effects or possible immunological reactions for your patients, caused by wrong cooling. And only  when the blood had been cooled properly until it is processed, you can achieve correct measurement results. You achieve wrong measurement test results, when blood or the teststripes had become too cold or too warm and you run the risk of creating false diagnoses or false dosage recommendations. You are helping people. Your professional help and the right diagnosis enable healing or at least a reduced progression of the illness of your patient.
  • The health of your patient can be at risk if you administer a medicine/vaccine that had been cooled improperly. The use of an unsuitable medical cool bag IS THE BEST GUARANTEE for a progression of the illness of your patient or client and for risking no effects or side effects.