COOL*SAFE medicine cool bag Ladies

EAN: 4260.136.170.053   PZN: 9618397  

With the COOL*SAFE® cool bags cold(-chain) medicine stays cool for hours on end. At the same time the medicine is optimally protected from the risk of becoming frozen caused by ice packs.

You like to have an attractive bag, that doesn’t look like carrying medicine?

High quality coupled with functionality, an attractive and stylish look are the features of the COOL*SAFE® medicine cool bag Ladies.
With its low weight the cool bag is very easy to handle and is convenient to take just anywhere. We have
deliberately opted for a light colour, so as to prevent attracting the sunlight and any unnecessary warming up of the bag. Its classical and attractive design makes the COOL*SAFE® cool bag a classy companion.

The COOL*SAFE® cool bag is delivered with 6 gel packs.

This medicine cool bag is well-made from quality materials:

Design and size:

  • Light colour
    Reduced warming from sunlight
  • Size corresponds to a usually, larger lady bag
    Medicine transport without attracting attention
  • Size: 43 x 18 x 22 cm (W/D/H)
  • Size of medication storage space: 16 x 4 x 14,5 cm (W/D/H)
    But Humira also fits in. Also e.g. Mutaflor, GlucaGen HypoKit, 2 packages of roactemra, 2 packages of Novorapid 10 x 3 ml, Herzeptin, Humalog
  • Weight without gel packs: 0,549 kg
    Weight incl. 6 COOL*SAFE® gel packs: 1,39 kg


  • Safe transport of medicines
    Protection against freezing caused by gel packs
    Offering many hours of cooling
  • Pollutant-free materials,
    tested by an independent laboratory


  • Classy carrying strap
    Additional comfort during transport
  • Two large compartments with high-quality zips
    For everything a lady has to carry with
  • Both compartments are seperated from the cool bag
    Medicine will not be influenced
  • Two exterior pockets
    additional areas to store small items
  • Low weight
  • High-quality material
    Durable and stain-resistant